Track All Sent and Received SMS and MMS

This text message spy saves the entire SMS and MMS conversations on the Android devices. The text message spy app records the exact time when a message was sent or received. Moreover, when you spy on text messages, you get a phone number of the conversation partner and their name as it was written in the address book of the target device. Also the text message spy records calls, WhatsApp, Facebook, Contacts and GPS location. Available for Android, Windows PC and Mac OS X.

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How to track text messages?

The images and photos sent in MMS messages are also saved in the personal account. You can log into your personal account from any device with Internet connection to spy on text messages.

A special algorithm of the SMS spy allows you to save and view the messages that were immediately deleted by the user right after they were received or sent. This incredible feature of the text message spy gives you an opportunity to miss no important messages.

Track all sent and received SMS and MMS
Track all sent and received SMS and MMS

Despite the growing popularity of Internet messengers, traditional SMS conversations continue to be extremely popular among older and younger people alike.

To save the information, you don’t need to receive the root on the target device.

Why is this feature useful?

The majority of conversations these days take place in text messages because they are discreet, and you can easily send them while being at your workplace or school.

A seemingly insignificant habit of texting can influence your child’s education and the productivity of your employees, so an effective text message spy is something you can benefit from immensely. Knowing what SMS messages are exchanged by your kids can help you save them from inappropriate content and make sure they don’t get in trouble or talk to strangers.

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