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In most cases, a user’s face will be in the photo when they unlock the smartphone. This feature of online phone tracker can be definitely useful if you want to check who is using the device at any given moment.

All the photos taken from a frontal camera are stored in the user panel and can be accessed online from any device with Internet connection.

Camera tracking Camera tracking

Moreover, it is one of those features of online phone tracker that can help you in case the target device is lost or stolen. This feature is disabled by default during software installation. To turn it on you should log into your user panel, choose the device and check the “Front Camera Photos” option on the Settings tab. Afterward, the picture will be taken every time someone unlocks the monitored device.

You don’t need to receive the root on the target device to save this information.

Why is this feature useful?

The frontal camera photos can give you an insight into how often your employee or child unlocks their smartphone. This correlates to how often they get distracted from their work or studies. It’s also useful if you want to see who has sent a particular message if a monitored device is sometimes used by other people.

Moreover, if someone steals a target device, there is a chance that an app will take a picture of the thief, so you get an opportunity to find out their identity.

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