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Place our products on your site and receive 50% of every sale and 30% of all subsequent payments.

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After registration, we will have to confirm you as a partner.

Now you can place our products on your site. Use the following format for links.

Order page redirect:[1][id]=PRODUCT_ID&products[1][agreement-id]=XXXX
(where “XXXX” is your Affiliation Agreement ID number).

Landing page redirect:
(where “XXXX” is your Affiliation Agreement ID number).

Hoverwatch Affiliate Policy

  1. Affiliates may not use the Hoverwatch brand to create branded websites, Facebook pages (containing Hoverwatch in the page name), or any other web page that violates the Hoverwatch brand or misleads the user.
  2. Affiliates’ media should not copy or resemble the look and feel of the official Hoverwatch website.
  3. Affiliates may not bid on the brand name (i.e., “Hoverwatch”), brand misspellings, generic terms (e.g., “spy app Hoverwatch”), brand extension terms, and brand URLs.
  4. Affiliates must add Hoverwatch,, generic terms (e.g., “Hoverwatch Official”), and common misspellings (e.g., ”Howerwatch”) as negative keywords to all affiliate PPC campaigns with the broad or equivalent match type.
  5. Affiliates may not create web pages that are optimized for Hoverwatch brand keywords (brand-oriented SEO). Failure to comply with this rule will result in account blocking or a reduction of rewards.
  6. Affiliates must create all marketing activities with the aim of Hoverwatch promotion legally and must represent Hoverwatch in a professional, positive, and accurate manner.
  7. Affiliates may not write product descriptions that mislead the user. Affiliates are prohibited from assigning non-existent functions to the product and/or service and disarming the user in any form.
  8. Affiliates may not use affiliate links, banners, and other affiliate tools for the Hoverwatch promotion on sources that:
    1. Discriminate against people on the basis of ethnic origin, nationality, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, or disability
    2. Involve or promote violence
    3. Contain misleading or deceptive marketing activities
    4. Are in any another way involved in illegal activities or break the law, moral principles of society, or ethical rules
  9. Affiliates may not produce or send spam in any form (e.g., unsolicited emails, useless posts on Facebook).
  10. Affiliates may not offer additional coupons, bonuses, or incentives to the customer without prior approval. Authorization is required for any discount promotion of Hoverwatch products or services. All affiliates with discount promotion plans must contact us in advance.
  11. Affiliates may not promote Hoverwatch products and services on auction websites (e.g., eBay, Aliexpress).
  12. Affiliates may not use the Hoverwatch brand keywords (e.g., “Hoverwatch”, “Hover”) as a part of their domain names.
  13. Affiliates may not use the Hoverwatch brand term in the subdomain of their display URLs (e.g., “”).
  14. Affiliates are required to send traffic to the Hoverwatch website in accordance with the rules of allowed and prohibited traffic types.
  15. The Hoverwatch affiliate program uses browser cookies to verify qualifying sales. The cookie period (The time when the cookies are valid) is sixty (60) days. Commissions are paid on qualifying sales made during the cookie period only.

Allowable Traffic Types

The page contains information about the allowed traffic types for the Hoverwatch affiliate program.

Traffic Type
Permission Status
Contextual Advertising
Brand Contextual Advertising
Teaser Advertising
Prior Approval Required
Email Newsletter
Social Network Groups and Pages
Targeted Social Network Ads
Social Network Apps
Messengers (Telegram, Viber, and Others)
Prior Approval Required
Mobile Applications
Prior Approval Required
Motivated Traffic
Cashback Traffic
Promo Codes
Adult Traffic
YouTube Traffic
Display Ads

* Incentives of any kind are not allowed.