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It is an additional function of free keylogger pro that gives you an opportunity to clearly determine who used a computer at any given moment.

The user can choose the frequency at which the webcam shots will be taken – one image a minute or less often.

The webcam shots are saved in JPG format at 60% quality from the original photo without reducing the size. Such feature of free keylogger pro helps save the space almost without loss of image quality.

Important note: there is a possibility of revealing the presence of the software on the computer if there is a camera light indicator that cannot be turned off. In this case, we recommend disabling this function in the user panel.

All the webcam shots taken from the monitored device using free keylogger pro can be viewed in the user panel from any device with Internet connection.

Webcam shots feature is disabled by default. To turn it on all you should do is tick the Webcam Shots box in the Settings tab of the monitored computer in the user panel.

Why is this feature useful to you?

When you want to receive the most accurate information regarding the use of the device, you have to know who is using it, especially if it belongs to more than one person. Even if it belongs to a single user, there are situations when someone can ask to use a device, and it’s always good to know when that happens.

It happens most often at school because a lot of children like to play with each other’s devices. The webcam shot function allows you to see who is using a computer at a specific time, thus helping you avoid any confusion and misunderstanding.

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