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When it comes to the time frame, you can adjust the frequency at which the screenshots will be taken to one a minute or more rarely.

OSX Keylogger saves screenshots OS X Keylogger saves screenshots

The screenshots are saved by the OS X keylogger in the JPG format at the 60 % quality from the original without decreasing its size. Such feature allows you to save the occupied space without sacrificing the quality of the screenshot.

All screenshots taken from the monitored computer are available online in the user panel from any device that has Internet connection.

The screenshot function of the OS X keylogger is turned on by default. There is no need for any changes to enable it.

Why is this feature useful to you?

The screenshot feature of the Mac OS X keylogger can give you a better understanding of the activity on the target device. For the majority of users, the screen includes various apps and files that are used most frequently.

You can change the frequency when it comes to taking the screenshots, which makes it even more convenient. The function is especially useful when you want to make sure you children don’t constantly play games or are exposed to inappropriate content.

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