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The messages are saved in the form of a single block (chat or dialogue) and are not divided into separate messages like SMS and MMS messages.

Mac Keylogger for Adium, Skype and iMessage Keylogger for Mac records Adium, Skype and iMessage

Message saving feature is additional, and it’s designed to make a report that can be viewed in the user panel more convenient for reading.

The entire conversation threads of the monitored device users in Adium, Skype, and iMessage are available online in the user panel and can be viewed from any device that has Internet connection.

The messages interception function in Adium, Skype, and iMessage is turned on by default. You don’t need to adjust anything to activate it.

Why is this feature useful to you?

Chat messengers represent the most convenient way to exchange text messengers, and they are widely used by both adults and children. The messages are free, which makes it easy to send hundreds of messages a day.

If you want to know what your child discusses with his or her friends, this feature gives you a perfect opportunity. When it comes to employees, it may save you a lot of trouble knowing whether a person working for your company shares any confidential information with others.

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