The Best Keyloggers for Linux that Are Worth the Download

You can easily find keyloggers for Windows or MAC computers, but if you want to download a keylogger for Linux, you will meet a problem: there are just a few solutions for Linux. Ubuntu users would meet the same problem. To make your life easier, we have collected all popular the keyloggers for Linux on this page and shared the best solutions that are worth the download in 2019.

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The best employee monitoring software

If you’re managing a team, you are probably faced with the question of how to monitor your employees’ work. During working hours, they can absent from work, do other things or even take a nap! The answer to this question is to use employee monitoring software. On this page, we have collected 5 of the best applications to track employees.

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3 ways to spy on WhatsApp contacts in 2018

WhatsApp is a popular messenger with more than one billion users around the world. You can use this messenger not only to chat with someone yourself but also to spy on someone’s phone. We will teach you how to spy on WhatsApp contacts and hack a WhatsApp account without issues. There are at least three methods, and here we have shared the best practices for spying on contacts and tracking someone without letting them know.

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The ultimate guide to Samsung parental controls in 2018

Samsung is one of the best-selling smartphone brands in 2018. More than 25% of all phones sold are from Samsung. Therefore, it is not surprising that many children have a device from this manufacturer in their pockets, and parents want to find the ultimate guide to Samsung parental controls.

We have prepared a guide to teach you about the problems that your child may face and their solutions and how you can monitor your child and protect him or her from danger.

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3 tips for retrieving deleted messages on Snapchat

Snapchat was invented for users to communicate through interactive messages, including videos and snapshots. This very popular and unusual messenger has two major features. First, it offers inexhaustible editing capabilities. Second, any content that the user sends to another person is available for a certain length of time, from 1 to 10 seconds. At the end of the expiration time or immediately after viewing, it will simply disappear from the mobile device. Because of that feature, many users are interested in how to restore a photo on Snapchat. We have prepared a complete guide on how to retrieve deleted messages on Snapchat.

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