Mobile Spy - a secret key to a quiet life

Mobile spy tracks Calls, SMS, MMS, GPS, contacts, calendar, Camera, internet activity, WhatsAPP, Facebook and many more. Your children and working staff will be supervised.

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Step 1

Yes, register the mobile spy: just enter email and any password.

Step 2

Install mobile spy app from your online account. It will take less than 1 minute.

Step 3

You will be able to monitor all recorded data in your own account for three days free.

The main features of mobile spy app

Call Recording

This unique spy to mobile saves a detailed log and records after all phone calls.

SMS messages

Record all sent and received messages by the cell phone.

WhatsApp* & Facebook*

Using this mobile spy app you will be able to read all text messages sent and received in WhatsApp and Facebook.

Stays Invisible

Neither your children nor employees cannot tamper or remove this secret cell phone tracker app.

More important information about Mobile Spy

Sometimes employees try to hide the screen of the corporate phones when their boss enters the room. And sometimes teenagers don’t want to tell the truth about where they are going. Right? Have you ever noticed such facts?

mobile spy - installation
mobile spy - download

Directors and parents do not need to worry anymore. They can use a mobile spy software. This program can become a true revelation. We are speaking about a type of software that was designed to track the available information efficiently and quickly. It is installed on any Android devices.

You need just some minutes to download the cellspy. It can be installed on the target tablet or phone. Are you wonder if a spy mobile app is useful to you? Then download the program for free and just determine it for yourself.

Mobile Spy App — the best friend for parents

Are you still worried about your children? Do not do it anymore. Use this unique spy mobile device software. Be sure this program will be your best solution.

mobile spy - map

Every parent who really loves kids should to show his or her sons, daughters what is best for them. Of course, parents do not need to forbidden everything in this life, but their job is to be prepared as much as possible and to prevent all horrible problems. Nowadays, when children spend so much time online or using their phones, it is so difficult to protect them. But there is a great solution — mobile spy. This program even helps to reveal all the entertainment and distractions provided by the smartphones. The education won’t suffer from such things any more. Mobile spy app allows parents to see where their kids are. Whenever you want, you’ll get information about the kinds of messages your children exchange with friends and about websites visited by babies. It’s a great chance not to worry. You can read SMS messages and messages sent in WhatsApp. And of course you’ll be able to look a browser history.

Be sure your teenager can stay be secretive about his live, but you will know everything and be prepared for many things that may come, so you’ll be able to act wisely accordingly and avoid different complications.

Mobile Spy — the first helper for managers and bosses

What can a manager do when his employees are constantly on their phones? Of course, he needs to use spy mobile app.

mobile spy - sms

Alas, many adults, like children, like to procrastinate and entertain themselves with their phones. They are ready to spend all days playing games and sending messages to their friends instead of doing their work. Just clever employers know how to fix such situation. They use spy to mobile that can be installed on any corporate cell phones. If you do it, you will know how much time employees actually spend working and how many hours they spend sending messages on different social media. Do not allow people to waste their working time. Using mobile device app you’ll be confident that your workers are not avoiding their duties. This will increase the profit of your company.

* the device must be rooted

How to Install Mobile Spy

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"Absolutely amazing software is the best spy helping to track someone’s phone. At any time I can check my babies, workers whenever I want. It runs smoothly, all information is delivered without delay."

Alex I. Carbone, US
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"When I bought my son a new smartphone, of course I installed this spy software. I’m sure my son wouldn’t be happy to know about it, but I needed to do it just for his protection. Spy to mobile is a boon for modern parents. We need to be careful these days"

Bonnie B. Lopez, US

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