Protect your kids and monitor your employees using cell phone spy software

Cell phone spy software is a must-have free android app for anyone who wants to monitor the actions of another person through their smartphone. By using this app, you may read through all the SMS and WhatsApp* messages, record calls, track GPS data, and receive ‘unlock selfies.’ And the best part is that this program will remain completely invisible! Available for Android, Windows PC and Mac OS X.


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The features of cell phone spy software:

Cell phone spy software is not a commodity but a necessity in today’s world. As our lives tend to become more hectic, we have to optimize our time, making room for what is truly necessary. By using this app, you can do just that. Cell phone spy software is an app that can be installed on practically any smartphone that runs on android and used to monitor its user throughout the day. Cell phone spy software offers a broad range of features including:

Stays hidden

Unless the person knows exactly what to look for, this app remains completely hidden. There is no way to remove android spy app through App Manager, and even the most tech-savvy kids will not be able to tamper with it.

Call Recording

This feature allows you to listen to all mobile phone conversations of the person that you are monitoring. This cell phone spy software not only records all conversations, but it also sends them to your online account, making it easy for you to listen to them.


WhatsApp is a very popular app for communication, which is why developers of this cell phone spy software included a function that allows it to record all the text messages that are received and sent through it.

GPS tracking

Not only will you know everything that goes on inside the phone, but this cell phone spy software can also tell you where it’s located using the phone’s GPS and a GPS function. Furthermore, smart algorithms of this app prevent GPS function from draining the phone’s battery too quickly.

What is the purpose of cell phone spy software?

A lot of people can benefit from using cell phone spy software. Whether you’re a worried parent, a watchful employer, you will greatly benefit from getting this app.

The word ‘spy’ just seems too ominous. We advise you, however, not to think of it as ‘spying,’ but rather as ‘watching over.’ If they are not guilty, then they have nothing to hide. Right? Therefore, you have the right to install cell phone spy software if you feel that there is a need to do so.

If you’re an employer, and you feel that your employees are using corporate phones for their personal needs, then you should definitely use cell phone spy software to prevent them from doing so. With such an app, you will know who is working diligently and who is dilly-dallying and should probably be fired. Don’t ever give people second chances, if they thought that they could fool you once, they will do so again, but will try to mask their actions more thoroughly.

Cell phone spy software is a perfect tool for parents

In the past, when your kids went to school, there was little that you could do to prevent them from skipping classes, play games on their smartphones instead of learning, and chat with strangers online. Cell phone spy software changed the rules forever.

This free mobile app allows you to know all the essential information about your kids. Just make sure that you don’t abuse its power and intervene subtly without revealing that you have a cell phone monitoring app installed on their phones.

With GPS tracking function, you’ll always know the location of your kids and whether they are alright. You should only confront your kids if you notice that they are revealing personal information to strangers or doing something similarly dangerous. Otherwise, simply watch over them and carefully steer them in the right direction with the help of cell phone spy software and all the great features it has to offer.

How to install Cell Phone Spy Software

* the device must be rooted for monitoring WhatsApp messages

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