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Spy Phone Tracker includes a number of features that enable you to monitor the activity on the devices, including tracking of camera, calls, SMS, MMS amd WhatsApp* messages, contacts, location, Internet activity and other data.

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Spy Phone Tracker Features

Record Calls

Incoming and outgoing calls can definitely provide a valuable insight into the user activity. When using the best phone spy app you have an opportunity to listen to and view all the details of the call, including number, contact information of the person calling, and duration of the call.

Tracking of MMS and SMS text messages

Whether you need to read an incoming or outgoing SMS or MSM message, it is possible with the help of spy phone tracker. These days it is extremely easy to exchange the messages at school and work, so having this feature allows you to control your children or employees more effectively.

Viewing WhatsApp text messages

There is also an option of saving WhatsApp text messages, but to save them the Android device should be rooted. When a target phone is rooted, there is a possibility of running various apps that require access to specific system settings.

Staying invisible

We have created our spy phone tracker in such a way that it can be completely invisible on the phone. There will be no spy phone icon in the App Manager if you tick “hidden” while installing the software.

Free Spy Phone Tracker – Help Your Children and Employees Achieve the Best Results

This appr allows you to spy phone and the activity of your employees and children to ensure high levels of productivity at work as well as protect your children from dangerous interactions.

It is essential that all the distractions both at work and during classes at school are carefully monitored and regulated because it’s impossible to achieve any goal without concentration on the task.

And, when it comes to children and teenagers, it is important to protect them from harm, which can come their way through social media and various inappropriate websites. It’s great that you can call your children and ask where they area, but in the world we’re living today it is not always enough.

* the device must be rooted for monitoring WhatsApp

How to Install Spy Phone Tracker?

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