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Our software has been installed on 12 Million devices




per month

Track 1 Device
All monitoring functions are available

29.95 1 month
59.95 3 months
99.95 12 months



per month / device

Track 5 Devices
All monitoring functions are available

49.95 1 month
99.95 3 months
199.95 12 months



per month / device

Track 25 Devices
All monitoring functions are available

149.95 1 month
299.95 3 months
499.95 12 months

Android / Windows PC / Mac Computer

All amounts shown are in USD.

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Pricing & Billing FAQ

Are there alternate payment options?

Please visit this page to use additional methods of payment and options.

How long is my data stored?

The logs are automatically deleted and the monitoring software is disabled 7 days after the service subscription period ends up. To resume monitoring you'll need to renew the subscription and reinstall the software.

What forms of payment are accepted?

You can pay using Credit/Debit card, Paypal, phone order, fax order, wire transfer or country-specific method of payment.

How subscription is billed?

A month of subscription equals 30 calendar days from a billing date.

I submitted a payment. Why hasn't my balance been updated?

Balances are not updated in real time. Once you submit your payment it gets processed and added to our system. You should see the updated balance in a few hours.

Purchase for wrong email. What to do?

If you paid for an order with an e-mail other than your Hoverwatch account, enter Order E-mail address and PayPro Order ID using this link: https://my.hoverwatch.com/account/order-registration/