How to Track Location History of the Phone

Hoverwatch is a special software designed to gather data about the location of the cell phone. You can trace your device using both GPS system and WI-FI signals from the areas that are very close to the phone you’re trying to find. The data from these sources can help you get your android location history and see where the device is at the moment. Available for Android, Windows PC and Mac OS X.

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The signal from WI-FI spots is not as clear and accurate as the signals obtained with the help of GPS. However, when you use the signals from WI-FI areas, you don’t use as much battery power.

Even if both WI-FI and GPS are off on the target phone, this software can still trace the location of the device with the help of cell phone towers (GSM).

In your personal account, you can indicate the frequency with which you want the software to track your phone’s location for free.

Also, you can see the actual location of a person and the route they’re taking on the detailed map. You can access your account from any device that has the internet connection. With Hoverwatch, you can easily trace the location of a phone and see where your kids or workers spend their time.

cell phone location history
phone location history

Using Personal Account

On the map, geolocation spots of the target device will be marked with blue dots. If a user has often been spotted in a certain area, the color of the dots changes to red.

When you click on the dot, you can zoom in the location of a user.

Control buttons of the program are located in the top right corner of the panel window. If you click Play (“>”), Hoverwatch will show you the phone location history within the selected time frame using lines.

All the information about the relocations of the user is saved in the app so you could see where the person is at the moment and where he or she was a minute ago.

Why Is This Software So Useful?

If you worry where your children or employees are all the time, the software can help you learn their geolocation. Of course, you can’t control your employees or kids, but you can make sure they are fine when you know their whereabouts.

Sometimes, children can skip classes at school or spend time in places they have not told you about. Thus, using this app, you will be able to avoid such situations if they happen. The software is also very useful in finding your device if it got lost or was stolen.

Employers who run big companies also want to know whether or not their staff is doing its work when it is sent out in the field during working hours. With the app, you can make sure that your staff is not spending time doing personal activities during office hours

The program provides many features that can assist you to monitor the activities of the target mobile phone it has been installed on.

Hoverwatch will allow you to view the whole route history of the target phone and mark all the places the user has traveled to. With the program, you can do the following:

  • Get all the details of the location
  • View the whole list of locations the user has been to.
  • See the exact date and time the location was visited at.
  • Upload all the details of the route of the target device into your control panel and access them from any device that has the internet connection.

If you constantly worry where your child is, Hoverwatch can come in handy. With it help, you will get all the necessary data about the location of your kid and put an end to the lies that might be taking place.

All you need to do is access cell phone location history of the target device through your control panel and see exactly where your children have been and take necessary measures.

How to monitor phone location history - video

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